Our Kitchen

Gather Around Our Table

Fresh baked pita, beans simmering, coring vegetables and sipping coffee, while fresh herbs donned the kitchen table. These are the memories of nurture and deliciousness, in a space where food and human connect, where life’s appetites are explored. This communal strength of a kitchen is the building block of every home and every community. It’s around the table that we share our most intimate stories, where the sense of belonging is felt, and where deep connections of trust are built.

Over the years we’ve found ourselves in a unique position of bridging our passion for food with community engagement. Whether it’s advocating for social justice, or our involvement in local political office, or to early mornings with our neighbors at the farmers market, we’re driven by our love for the community. We’ve knocked on doors, talked to strangers, and told our story, and now we invite you into our kitchen – to gather around our table. We hope you feel at home.



Visit Our Market

Lebanese Artisan Goods

Laziz offers a selection of a traditional Lebanese harvest, also called Mouneh. We’ll have a curated selection of olive oils sourced from the West Bank, spice blends unique to the region like Zaatar, refreshing ingredients like Orange Blossom Water, and everything from grains to syrups. We will also carry our hand made product line of Laziz Foods with includes a variety of spreads and fresh baked pita, that can also be found in select grocery stores around the state and at the farmer’s market.



Our Event Space

Events at Laziz Space

Gatherings for all

Laziz Kitchen offers a rental space in the rear of the restaurant. This space is perfect for small groups of 40-50 people. Laziz “Space” is a clean, modern rental furnished with a couch and counter space. We offer this space as a clean slate to accommodate the mood or theme of the event. In addition to our rental space, we offer our furnished restaurant after hours for large parties or dinner events. For large events both the restaurant and Laziz “Space” can be rented as a package.


Back Space

Size: 800 Square Feet | Capacity: 40-50

Front Space

Size: 1,000 Square Feet | Capacity: 60

Full Space

Size: 1,800 Square Feet | Capacity: 100